Monday, April 16, 2012

Has it really been this long?

 Has it really been this long since I blogged?  Wow, my life gets away from me sometimes.  Emma turned three and well, she takes all of everyone's time. She is like a mini tornado to be more precise.... I should not complain though, because she is a very happy child, just a very busy one!
Ryan is beginning baseball and is making his First Communion on Saturday, and we purchased his first suit.  I will have to post pics of this handsome young man all dressed up:)
Megan is playing softball and volleyball.  She really has a strong desire to pitch, and I think she may be pretty good at it!  This is good, because anything that keeps her from acting like she is 16 will keep me from sending her off until she is 20!  HE!
So, that is my life all summed up in a paragraph.  What have you been up to?