Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes you are surprised.....

I love all of my creations, and I do not design anything i would not wear myself....that said, I am always surprised at what sells and is popular with customers/clients.
This necklace sold right away and I have 2 requests for more:)

These earrings are my best sellers at Art fairs
This is my best selling ring

What have been your surprises????




  1. I've been surprised by how many other people like my dottery, and by how many people have bought the spiral squares crochet pattern from my etsy shop! (And I own that ring, and a version of those earrings. Ha!)

  2. He he! Well Bethany, I ADORE your dottery, and my tree mug lifts my spirits every morning! ( my bff purchased your patterns too):):)

  3. I am not surprised by any of those best sellers, Carole...they are all stunning!

    I am surprised by the number of custom orders I have coming in. For some reason, I thought I would sell more of my 'ready made' pieces...but it seems most people wants something made just for them :-) So that's why I'm stocking up on gemstones! I want to have a photo album on my Facebook page with all of my gems, so clients can say 'I want THAT one...make me something special!' :-)))