Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop Update Tomorrow

I have been one busy momma today.  I havent had much time lately to hit the bench, but today, I had a blast....woohoo. 

I am happy with hopefully tomorrow, I will be listing one Labradorite Ring, One Dinosaur bone Necklace, and a Moss Agate Necklace.  
This may be my last listings for a while as my first show is April 30- May1st.  I have almost no earrings, and I usually have 2 large displays.... I am low on everything because of these crazy silver prices.  You may be seeing much more copper, and maybe some enamel added to my shop this summer. 

I should be listing around 12:00 pm Central. 

By the there anything you all would like to see in my shop?  Leather perhaps? More earrings, yes I about copper?



  1. The silver price sucks! Big time. I went scrounging for scrap to turn in high as it is I keep hearing it's going to go higher. So glad that enameling on copper works. At least it will satisfy the urge to create! Good luck with your upcoming shows!

  2. Thank you Amy! I am thinking of trying out enamels....can I do that with a torch, or do I need a kiln?