Friday, June 29, 2012

Myyyyy....Rolling Mill Comes Today!

Yes....sing it with me.....myyyyyyyy rolling mill comes today, my rolling mill comes la la la rolling mil comes today!

Nope not excited, not one bit.

Hey, did I tell you all......My rolling mill comes today?!?!?

What should I do first?  I cannot pick just one thing....argh.....yippeeeee!!!!


  1. Very cool!!! What kind did you end up getting? (link please) I'd like to get one, but it's gonna be years off til that happens!

  2. Thanks! I ended up getting the one in the pic is the link:

    If you are saving, I would suggest waiting and getting a better one....its fine....but there is a definite learning curve and it is not as smooth as I would like....the rollers always get unaligned...its kind of a pain!

  3. Through choice, I have a very basic workshop and outlay of tools and machinary, but by far my most expensive and indispensable piece of equipment is my small rolling mill.